Weekend Reading: My fav’s from this week: 12/25/09

Posted by Heather Villa, CMA, MBA, MSM on December 25, 2009 in: Weekend Reading

Christmas Edition.  I debated about posting my favorites today, what with it being Christmas Day and all.  But then I figured after everyone was stuffed with food and took naps, you might be looking for some good reading material.  So here are my favorites.  Enjoy!

Should We Be Worried About 
Fast Food Content?

5 Misuses of Social Media That Could Kill Your Freelance Business

Aaron’s answers: Ineffective, unreadable content

The most commonly blogged phrase… and how to avoid it

On Dying, Mothers, and 
Fighting for Your Ideas – A very inspirational post.

The End Of Education

21 Fun Distractions for Freelancers

Merry Christmas and Happy Reading!

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