Not all Butts are the same. Mine is picky!

Posted by Heather Villa, CMA, MBA, MSM on December 02, 2009 in: Just Blogging

In our household, we do Christmas for the festivities – that is the decorations, the smells, the music and the family time. Gift giving has not been huge for the last five years or so, mainly because when we want something, we get it instead of waiting until Christmas. However, on occasion we can find things that we overlook. For example, the hubby wanted a Mac, but he never got it, so that is what he is getting under the tree. For me, it was a new office chair. I personally loved my old chair but it was old. I had it for 7 years. It was ripped, it squeaked horribly loud, and it probably was not the most ergonomic chair for someone that sometimes spends 12-14 hours a day sitting in it. But she was my friend:

old chair

Hubby decided he was going to get me a new chair and since he could not really wrap it, I would just have it early. I woke up on Monday morning, the 30th of November, and saw a gorgeous leather chair sitting in my office with three bows on it. I mean, it looked like something a king or queen would sit in. I gave it a whirl and sat down in my new monstrosity. At the first “feeling”, I was quite impressed. It felt like I was sitting on a cloud. Then I went to roll my new chair over to my desk. I couldn’t move!!!!

Sorry hubby but bigger is not better in the case of chairs

First, my feet did not touch the ground. Then when I scooted forward and touched the ground the chair was so heavy I could not roll it to the desk. I had to get up and push it over. The glance on hubby’s face made me erase my skepticism and jump right in. I could tell he was hurt and it was just so thoughtful.

I tried working in it until lunch time. I just could not. In its “upright” position I was still leaning back, my neck hurt, and it was making me grouchy. If you were following me on Twitter on the 30th you know all about it!

Well, when he left I swapped and brought my old chair back in my office so I could actually get some work done. Meanwhile, I was getting recommendations on Twitter for an Aeron chair. I ended up going back to the store with him that day and lugging in the 50 lb couch he had bought. Luckily they did have a few Aerons. Amazingly, the price was about the same as well (not sure of the details as he paid for it, but I believe it was almost an even swap; maybe a bit more for the Aeron Chair). And now I am comfy cozy in my office with a chair that has adjustable arms, lumbar adjustments, even the pressure of my recline adjusts. I still don’t know what half the levers and buttons do, but I certainly am comfortable.

He said: “You want this over this huge leather executive chair?”

My response: “Evidently executives don’t do much computer work and can recline all day. I need something more functional!”

Moral of the story: Just because it is big, expensive, leather and pretty-looking, does not mean it is a good fit.

Second Moral: Don’t buy a chair for anyone without them testing it out first!

Happy Holidays!

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