8 Ideas for Twitter Lists

Posted by Heather Villa, CMA, MBA, MSM on November 11, 2009 in: Twitter Tips & Tools


Twitter has recently unveiled the ability to create lists. Basically, you sign into your account and find the “lists” link. (It’s in a couple of different places). From this link you can create a list of whatever you want (and you can also see what lists you’re on).

It’s kind of a Twitter-based version of setting up customized columns in TweetDeck because it gives you the ability to categorize specific groups of people. In a way, it helps to cut through the noise. If you are following 300 people, and 50 of them are really good but 250 of them are extremely prolific (but with less to say), this is a way for you listen more closely to the higher value ones.

I’ve put together a list of 8 ideas for Twitter lists that you might want to create.

  1. Create a Twitter list of your clients. This gives you a way to listen closely to them. Check for questions to you or references to problems or concerns they have, AND always watch for opportunities to serve them better.
  2. Create a Twitter list of your vendors, suppliers, staff, and outsource partners. You can pull up this list and quickly see what everyone is up to. (You might need a couple of lists, depending on how many people work for you).
  3. Create a Twitter list of hot prospects. While many of the people you’re following are potential buyers, this is a group of people who might be close to buying but need special attention from you… and have not yet handed over their money. (Note: You might want to make this a private group since you don’t want them to see that they are on a list called “prospects”. Or, just create a special name that doesn’t mean anything to others but means something to you, like “Heather’s List #3”).
  4. Create a Twitter list of business leaders who you really respect and admire. These are the people who have valuable things to say. You hang on their every word. There might be only a few of them among the people you follow but having this list helps you to pay closer attention to them.
  5. Create a Twitter list of people who blog. Some people only ever Tweet links to their blog posts, so this makes this Twitter list kind of like a feedreader. You might use it to do research or to stay on top of your blog reading.
  6. Create a Twitter list of your inner circle. You might have friends or family or close associates who you would drop anything to do something for. They deserve their own list so you can listen to them and interact with them.
  7. Create a Twitter list of a club or group you participate in. If you belong to some kind of Twitter-based group (#BusinessLunchClub is one that I’m connected to, but there are others), create a list of those members.
  8. Create a Twitter list of suspected spammers. This is an easy way to clean out people who you might have auto-followed early in your Twitter experience and now regret (but have never gotten around to doing anything about). Add them to the list, keep an eye on what they have to say, and delete them if they don’t add value to you.

Can you think of other Twitter lists to create? I’d love to hear about them!

Good Luck!

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