Trying To Go it Alone: Why It Is Less Productive To Work Alone

Many small businesses begin as one-person operations. A new small business owner may have neither the budget nor the workload to justify hiring employees. In the early days, this generally works just fine. A small business with a slow stream of work usually allows its owner plenty of time to focus on all aspects of […]

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Incorporating Outsource Staff into the Routine of Your Office

As a business owner you are comfortable with the daily routine of your office. You know the intricacies of your workplace and are comfortable with the workflow. You can see the friendly faces of your employees in every cubicle or behind each desk. Your business has a rhythm and when you achieve that rhythm, everything […]

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How to be ReTweeted

Rich Brooks runs Flyte, a web design business in Maine. Along with his corporate website, he also has an interesting blog, Flyteblog. In a recent blog, ReTweeting: The Art of the RT on Twitter, he was asked about ReTweeting – what it is and how to do it. I think his article is a good […]

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Get More Done with On-Call Help

Business owners who are advancing from the solopreneur to a staffed organization can’t always make that leap from one to the other cleanly. They will often discover that there is an intermediate step in between, although not everyone knows this. It’s true! In the steps between running a business on your own and running a […]

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A Checklist for Staffing Up

When you are considering the possibility of hiring staff – whether that staff includes a virtual assistant, an onsite assistant, freelance consultant, or an entire office of staff – you want to make the right decision as quickly as possible and get the role filled. After all, every passing day without a person in the […]

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Definitely NOT going to work! (Surprising Reasons)

Posted by on October 13, 2009 in: Just Blogging

I had my first day today at an attempt of a Polyphasic Sleep Cycle. Unfortunately it is going to be very short lived. 🙂 However, not for the reasons I originally thought. Everything I had read spoke about the crash and burn, the crankiness, the inability to begin sleeping when you first try, the difficulty […]

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When things are going really well

In the past couple of weeks I’ve posted articles that talked about the economy and what to do about it. It’s a compelling topic. But there’s another side to the situation and it’s one I want to devote a blog to today: Extreme success. Even in today’s economy, businesses can be successful. Extremely successful. I […]

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