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Posted by Heather Villa, CMA, MBA, MSM on October 22, 2009 in: Tools & Resources, Working Virtually

{2D1BB0DD-8B24-4F5D-B3B8-5EFCD712B303}Img100With innovative ideas such as mini-retirements, outsourcing, and the paradigm the “New Rich,” the book The 4-Hour Workweek written by Timothy Ferriss received rave editorial reviews upon its release in April 2007. The book also reached the New York Times Bestseller list almost immediately, and continues to be a hot topic of discussion all over the internet.

In The 4-Hour Workweek book, Ferriss, an entrepreneur and self-proclaimed ultravagabond, outlines his philosophies for financial freedom, guiding readers through the process of breaking free from the usual preconceptions most of us have about work and responsibilities. He also covers the subject of fear, how many are paralyzed by being afraid of failing, how to define those fears, and then how to conquer and overcome them.

Deemed as the blueprint for those who are overworked or who are looking to find their inner entrepreneur, The 4-Hour Workweek book emphasizes learning how to outsource and take advantage of the wonderful world of virtual assistants. The book also contains Q&A sections after each chapter, with Q&A being questions and actions, rather than answers. These sections offer helpful exercises designed to guide one through the definition phase of Ferriss’ mnemonic DEAL process, which stands for definition, elimination, automation, and liberation.

The term The New Rich was coined to describe those who are practitioners of the DEAL, which according to the book, can briefly be described as:

  • Definition: Definition is how to get past your fears, pinpoint what it is you want, and calculate what it will cost to achieve your goals.
  • Elimination: The elimination aspect of DEAL refers to the principles of time management skills, and the detrimental effects that come from a lack of those skills. Ferriss talks about the differences between efficiency and effectiveness, and explains the 80/20 rule, which focuses on eliminating the minor details that actually waste 80% of your time and life, and instead concentrating on the tasks that produce real results.
  • Automation: Automation refers to the task of building automatic sources of reliable income. This portion of the book details how Ferriss himself has many people working on his behalf in the form of outsourced vendors that generate income under his careful instruction.
  • Liberation: After your life has been successfully automated, it’s time to liberate yourself from the usual confines of work and geographic locations, becoming mobile, but still productive.

Some of the other techniques and ideas included in the book are:

Discovering how to reduce your workload in half in as little as two days using the principles often implemented by economists in Europe

  • Learning the differences between absolute and relative income
  • Learning to value performance over presence
  • Why some are able to travel the world without quitting their jobs
  • What an automated cash-flow muse is, and how to create your own
  • How to exchange long work weeks with shorter periods of work peppered by frequent mini-retirements
  • How to obtain free housing, worldwide
  • How to obtain airfare at costs of up to 80% off
  • How to have a meaningful life after work

Get your copy of the 4-Hour Workweek book and start making changes in your life!

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