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Posted by Heather Villa, CMA, MBA, MSM on August 13, 2009 in: Just Blogging

I am excited. Super-duper excited! If I could do back flips I would; I’m that excited.

(Did I tell you I was excited?)

We are going to redesign my home office over the next 3 months. It’s going to take some work but I am super-excited to finally have the wheels in motion. As you know by now, I am an organization freak and while my office is organized, it could be much better with some changes.

I live in a really nice area of Miami, an older suburb where the streets are quiet and you don’t hear car horns or sirens! What this means is, my house was originally constructed a long time ago and was “added to” over the years. So, my house has charm but the inside is like mixing various chinaware. 🙂 My office was one of the additions and I believe it was actually a balcony and bedroom that were evidently merged. My office is supposed to be the second master bedroom (it has the master bath and a small walk-in closet). However, I face a few challenges:

1) Because it was an extra, the owners never put central air conditioning into this room and likewise the windows slide horizontally so a window A/C unit is not feasible. What do I have? A portable AC unit (you know; one of the ones where the tubes go out the window). This is not efficient by any means, even with the silver tape stuff that the A/C man did. I am sure that air is escaping and, likewise, my office could never get really cold.

2) Because part of the room was a balcony at one time, there are tons of windows on one side of the office (and I never bothered to put up curtains or shades!). This side of the office just happens to be facing east. That equals yucky mornings.

3) Since I have the portable A/C unit, it takes up valuable floor space.

4) I have 2 servers which I don’t use actively but are in my office and need to stay online for the company, so these take up space.

5) I don’t have enough desk space to add any more monitors (and I need more monitors).

6) My cables are a mess and not as organized as I would like them to be.

7) A bunch of other miscellaneous stuff.

So, over the next 3 months this is what we are going to do:

1) Install a ductless/split A/C unit in my office to get rid of the portable and to open up space.

2) Install curtains.

3) Get rid of my 3 desks that I have and have a complete built-in unit installed which will wrap three walls of my office (north, east and south) in a U shape (ooooh tons of desk space!).

4) Run my cables nice-and-neat throughout the office.

5) Upgrade my main pc from 2 monitors to 4 monitors (there is a technical challenge here and I am going to need to ask for help at the end of this post).

6) I was contemplating getting a Drobo Pro and replace my Drobo, but I think I am going to get a Drobo #2, to solely back up my Drobo #1. (Any comments, opinions or suggestions? I’d love to hear them.)

See, for me this is all super-exciting because there is nothing I like more than a clean and organized workspace. I feel more efficient every time I clean my office, so imagine having everything exactly as I want it!

Now, on to the technical challenges (and since I have a lot of “techie” friends, I am imagining they can help).

1) When I installed my second monitor, my brother was here and I forget exactly what he said but something along the lines of: “Thank God you were not upgrading to 4 monitors! This would be a nightmare” and then something about “dang video cards”. Now I know he installed a second video card when he installed my second monitor. What do I need to know/do/have before I bring in 2 more monitors? (Help welcome).

2) Does it make sense to have a Drobo #2 backing up a Drobo #1 (they would both be on Drobo Share’s) or is that stupid? (Is there maybe a better way to do it?)

3) One thing I have noticed about my monitors is everything is so small. I have played with settings and the zoom button on my keyboard and it works but some logos look distorted and having to zoom a page in every time I open a browser is painful. Also, I changed some settings where text on web pages show larger, but then it distorts how the website looks, so it’s very problematic when I am testing various sites. Yet at the same time, I am not getting younger and I need larger text so my eyes can last all day.

I welcome feedback and comments and I also welcome you to check back to follow my posts on the renovation. I will be posting before and after pictures (and in process pictures) as well.

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