10 Tips to Boost Productivity

Over the years I’ve discovered a few helpful hints to boost productivity. Some of these might seem obvious to you, some of them might be new. I hope that you can apply more than a couple and recapture several hours each week. 1.    Keep a notepad of some kind by your desk. When you have […]

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Making Work Easier: Tactical Tips for Better Productivity

I love reading about small businesses and freelancers who find tricks that allow them to do what they do better. I cover a lot of this kind of content in my Tips In Ten newsletter where I try to provide the business “hacks” that have worked for me. In a recent blog post at LocationIndependent.com, […]

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Focus on what matters

Posted by on August 21, 2009 in: Project Management

Long before I started my own business I worked at a company in the typical just-out-of-college job. I worked hard and gave my best, so my on-the-job performance earned me praise from my employers… most of the time. But there is one time that stands out in mind as the exception to that experience. The […]

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Update on Home Office

Posted by on August 19, 2009 in: Just Blogging

Just a really short note to let you know that the Ductless A/C unit got installed today. A colleague of mine is coming to take the portable unit off my hands tomorrow 🙂 If you don’t know ‘what’ I am talking about, check out my earlier blog post here. Otherwise – this is just a […]

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Personality (dis)order

When you get a bunch of people in a room, there’s the potential that you might have conflict. When those people try to work on a project together, the likelihood of conflict increases dramatically. That’s because people have different styles of… Work Communication Conflict resolution … and they measure collaboration and success differently. (Yes, I’m […]

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New Home Office Coming Soon!

Posted by on August 13, 2009 in: Just Blogging

I am excited. Super-duper excited! If I could do back flips I would; I’m that excited. (Did I tell you I was excited?) We are going to redesign my home office over the next 3 months. It’s going to take some work but I am super-excited to finally have the wheels in motion. As you […]

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The Three Stages of Small Business

In my reading I’ve enjoyed the writing of Duct Tape Marketing creator John Jantsch. You can read his blog over at Duct Tape Marketing. In a recent blog, The Three Natural Phases of Successful Small Business Growth, Jantsch talks about the 3 phases that he sees small businesses progress through. The first phase is foundation, […]

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