Today’s #businesslunchclub discussion (July 13, 2009)

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Great discussion today on #businesslunchclub (on Twitter; but see for more details). The conversation today centered around delegation, and specifically around something that @IAC_Heather calls “the 3 Strikes, You’re Out” rule. The conversation was primarily between @IAC_Heather, @askleo, and myself (@AaronHoos), with @Hazewalker chiming in towards the end. You can read our entire conversation […]

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One of Many: No you will not make millions eating bon-bons

I like to blog about different things, so sometimes I start series. For example, I have an “Ooops” series where I talk about business “ooops” that I see (which is much neglected; sorry). A new series I want to start is Business Urban Legends – a series revealing things that people (clients, colleagues, innocent bystanders […]

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Is your mission statement a piece of dry toast?

I like slightly more adventurous food (nothing crazy, of course) and that could be a result of my childhood: I grew up in a house where my mom enjoyed unbuttered toast as a snack. I can’t imagine anything duller than a piece of dry toast. So recently, when a client asked me to look at […]

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Yes, you even need to know how to sell

In medium-to-large organizations, middle managers have a real project management challenge: They need to run their part of the organization efficiently and implement programs and projects to do their job effectively. And, in order to do that, they need to get buy-in from levels above them (for sponsorship and project funding) and levels below them […]

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Today’s #bizlunchclub discussion: Automated Prescription Vending

User @kahji asked about Automated Prescription Vending machines on today’s BusinessLunchClub discussion. Great question! It made me think about the pros and cons, and I sent some in a tweet but am expanding on it here. Pros: Lower cost: Less cost for storage, pharm-techs, etc. Reduced human error: I can’t read those doctor’s prescriptions and […]

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Plan to Fail

There’s the old saying, “If you’re failing to plan then you’re planning to fail”. That’s good advice but I would add that “you SHOULD plan to fail”. Okay, so that might not sound like the most positive advice around, but you’ll thank me for it after you’ve read this blog. I’ve been coaching a client […]

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Tips to get more out of #businesslunchclub

If you’re a business owner who is stuck at your desk for lunch, you might be getting work done but you’re missing out on the powerful networking opportunities of a business lunch. That’s where BusinessLunchClub comes in. BusinessLunchClub is where entrepreneurs on Twitter have lunch. If you’re stuck at your desk but want to do […]

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