Who will follow you?

This blog is directed to small business owners, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs – basically anyone who works alone right now. You’ve started a business and the intention is to grow it. For the first few years, it might seem like a battle to get the ball rolling but, if your business is to survive, it will […]

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8 Ways to use #businesslunchclub to grow your business

Posted by on June 27, 2009 in: Twitter Tips & Tools

Everything you enjoy about business lunches is now available on Twitter with Business Lunch Club. If you find yourself unable to have a real business lunch, simply tweet while you eat and add the hashtags #businesslunchclub, #bizlunchclub, or #blc. Here are some ideas to get the benefits of a business lunch from Business Lunch Club.

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Lunch 2.0 Launched! #BusinessLunchClub, #BizLunchClub, #BLC

Posted by on June 25, 2009 in: Twitter Tips & Tools

Twenty years ago I don’t remember anyone working from home. Now, everywhere I turn someone is working from home – whether it be telecommuting for a corporate job, freelancing, working contract, or just developing their own business. I won’t lie, while I love working from home – and I dread going into the office (yes, […]

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Project Management Tip: Feedback Best Practices

When working with a large business, one of the biggest challenges project managers face is the problem of feedback management. Let me give you an example of a recent project I was working on: We were implementing a training program for customer service reps. I was the project manager in charge of the HR department’s […]

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Observations between small and large projects

Posted by on June 22, 2009 in: Project Management

In my project management work I’ve worked with small and large companies to perform a variety of project management and program management tasks including product implementation, business development, strategy initiatives, and more. I’ve collected some observations over the years from my experience in working with small and large companies and I’m jotting it down here: […]

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What makes a successful business?

Recently, I purchased a hand-made greeting card online. The price was fair, the service was excellent, and when I received the card in the mail, it was beautiful. The company has a compelling brand and offering and is connected in the social media marketing world. It’s rare that I see a business performing so “fluently” […]

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There’s only one thing that can’t be delegated

With the coaching I do here and the services that IAC Professionals offers, it’s no secret that I’m a believer in delegation. It makes good business sense to delegate, especially when the person you’re delegating to costs less to do the task than the equivalent of your own hourly rate. A small business owner might […]

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