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Posted by Heather Villa, CMA, MBA, MSM on May 11, 2009 in: Business - Plain & Simple, Tools & Resources

Joint Ventures are a common practice in today’s marketplace, but truth be told, you should enter into them sparingly. Check out my blog and my companies; you will find less than three that I have entered into during the past seven years of being in business. I recently just entered into a “mini-JV” (more later on in this blog post), but again, I made sure to dot all my i’s and cross all my t’s. So, here are my random thoughts on entering into Joint Ventures (big or small).

The whole point of a Joint Venture is that two (or three, four or ten) heads are better than one, two audiences are better than one, two networks are better than one. You utilize each other’s respective skills, network, and leads to create a complimentary package, product, or service offering. Wonderful! However, here are some things to look out for:

  • Is the person or people you are entering into a JV with honest and respectable?
  • Do they bring as much to the table as you do? (Likewise do you bring as much to the table as they do?)
  • Are they willing to work to make the venture work? (Likewise are you willing to work to make the venture work?)

The answers should all be “Yes”, or the venture should be avoided. At the end of the day, if everyone involved is not on equal playing fields, someone is going to get the short end of the stick and the venture will turn into a headache rather than a success.

…All that being said, as I stated earlier, I entered into a mini JV these past couple of weeks, pairing up with Hannah McNamara (and a few dozen other top coaches), offering her some “freebies” to include with the limited time offer of her new book Niche Marketing for Coaches. It is a handbook of sorts; a step by step guide showing coaches the ins and outs of identifying their niche market, setting their rates, and marketing themselves to achieve or grow their client base. She is very humble with the title; it should really be called The Operational Manual for Coaches.

Her book is available for $14.99 (here), and while you can purchase her book at any time, this week is the only chance you have to get $2,600+ in promotional offers from a variety of professional coaches… including yours truly. My contribution to this package is my Twitter in 10 Minutes Daily Tele-Class. As a matter of fact, I had stopped providing it in group sessions and have only been offering it one-on-one for the past three months, but for this super special occasion, I will be providing the Twitter in 10 Minutes Daily Group Tele-Class again – free – as part of her bonus package. Considering that I used to charge $97 per session, the purchase of a $14.99 book is a bargain, because not only are you getting my Twitter in 10 Minutes Daily Tele-Class, but you are also getting $2,500 worth of other bonus offers from coaches, in addition to Hannah’s book!

Pick it up now before this spectacular special ends.

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