Social Wha?

Posted by Heather Villa, CMA, MBA, MSM on May 04, 2009 in: Social Media Marketing

One of the inquiries into my services this past week was a woman who owned a gift shop. She has been selling personalized gifts and trinkets in her boutique for over two decades. About five years ago she went online and started selling through the web as well. She saw a recent article I had written on Twitter and got in contact with me to find out what Twitter is and how it could help her business.

I began into my normal explanation of how Twitter differs from other forms of Social Media and she stopped me right there and said Social What?

I realized something… many people don’t even realize what Social Media is. I mean they might ‘know’ about it because they have a profile on a Social Platform like FaceBook or similar, but they don’t understand the concept of Social Media, Social Media Marketing or Social Media Engineering. They definitely don’t understand how it could help them or their business.

I had to take two steps back and remember to explain the core foundation or basis of Social Media. That took me back to my college days, when my Professors would never let me go into a presentation or thesis without first discussing the theory or theories behind my discovery or beliefs.

I ask you… do your clients, customers, colleagues or prospects really understand what it is that you are doing? Make sure before assuming what may seem very clear to you may not be so clear to others. And if that’s the case, your chances of selling to them are slim to none!


Heather Villa

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