Clients don’t want to hear it…

Posted by Heather Villa, CMA, MBA, MSM on March 26, 2009 in: Just Blogging, Twitter Tips & Tools

As most of you know, I run a virtual assistance enterprise. I currently have a staff of 45 and a client list of over 600 with at least 20% clients active at any given time. Our clients range from one person freelancers working out of their homes (like UberGeekGirl) to multi million dollar organizations (like Clean Energy Fuels). The key to our success is professionalism, structure, continuitity, quality and maintaining a customer satisfaction centric organization focusing on superior service.

We all have problems, get sick, go on vacation, have spats etc., however, clients don’t want to hear it. Even when they ask ‘So How are you doing?’, they want to hear as it relates to their work or ‘fine’, they don’t want you to start telling them about how your husband never helps out or your wife never cooks or you can’t pay your bills. Rule of thumb is – if your life is disorganized or chaotic, your work may be.

So, when I am doing a twitter search and seeing people in the service industry pitching themselves or selling themselves on twitter, with the same twitter account that they tell the world about all their personal inappropriate problems, I am appalled.

Yes, Twitter is about sharing, feel free to say about your email box being full, or not being able to sleep, or what a stressful day work was… but don’t talk about your spat with a loved one, your financial state, your inability to perform… not only could it jeopardize your sales pitch, but also your current client base.

Remember there are plenty of examples of things being said on Twitter that come around to bite you in the rear:

Ketchum Exec insults Fed Ex Client

Cisco Job Interview

NBA Player tweeting at half time

Twitter causes Mistrial?

MSNBC Writer insults Technorati

Of course there are even more. While your tweets may not make the news, they could make or break your career.


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