You Have Nothing Until You Have Your First Sale

In my work as a consultant who helps turn ideas into products and business services, I am often approached by a potential client who tells me: “I have a great business idea”…and then they proceed to tell me what it is. Although I maintain an air of professionalism and would never word it quite this […]

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This may not be the brightest thing I have ever done – but here are some tips …

I was getting ready to go to bed.. when I stumbled upon a blog post, which led to another blog, and then another, and then another – until voila! it is 4:09 am in the morning I am thinking ‘What are all these people thinking’? So, I am not going to name names – and […]

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When Business Growth is Bad – Part 3

I can’t imagine a business that doesn’t want some kind of growth. That’s exactly the way it should be. But not all growth is good and in the past couple of blogs I talk about business growth that can sometimes be a problem. So far, I’ve talked about out-of-control business growth that costs so much […]

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When Business Growth is Bad – Part 2

When entrepreneurs start a business they hope and pray that their business grows. Of course! They should! And as a consultant, I take my role very seriously in helping them see growth in their businesses. But in my last post I mentioned that not all business growth is good. Growth that happens too fast, for […]

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When Business Growth is Bad – Part 1

Did the title catch you off guard? I hope it did. After all, business growth is the mantra of… well… every single business out there. And it seems good. All of it. After all, who starts a business and doesn’t want it to grow? And it seems like the sooner it grows and the faster […]

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Forget One Liners!

“Take my wife, please” is probably one of the most famous one liners there are. I’m not a big fan of one liners; it’s just not my brand of comedy. And when it comes to project management, I’m not a big fan of one liners, either. In project management we bring together numerous smaller pieces […]

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It’s all about the Love…

Funny thing is we all have a job… and whether we are landscaping, building a website or filing taxes… the job can get redundant or boring. However, there are always those projects that are stimulating and exciting – and that is typically when it is all about the love. Do you love the client?

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